Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Books

It is with unbridled pleasure that I can announce my second book is available for purchase. This oh so thick book is entitled:

138,336 Feet to Pure Bliss - 

What I Learned about Life, Women (and Running) in My 1st 100 Marathons

Now, what is exactly 138,336 feet long?  Simple – a marathon. (Actually, a marathon, 26.22 miles is 138,435 feet.  The title referring to the more commonly known 26.2 miles, is an homage to how the marathon distance has changed so many times in its history.) What is the book about? 381 pages. (Ha!) But, in all seriousness the subtitle fully explains what is covered in all those pages.  It is a detailed account of what I learned about not only life and women but also, a smidgen of running along the way of my first 100 Marathons

It is simple to get your hands on your own copy.  Simply click on over to Amazon and get not only this book, but my first book as well, See Dane Run.

See Dane Run serves not only as a guide to 52 distinct and unusual marathons across North America (for those looking to find that right race) but more importantly, is an inspirational tome for anyone looking to push themselves further than they thought possible.

Either book makes a fantastic gift for the runner in your family. Here's hoping you run to your own bliss soon!

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